Friday, 6 December 2013

Sweater Weather Tag xXx

I'm going to do another tag today... (why not I like them) and it's the Sweater Weather tag!! Here we go...

1. Favorite candle scent?
I love a bit of Red Velvet Cake by Yankee Candle. Not sure it's specific to sweater weather but it makes me feel all warm so it's number 1 for me :)

2. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
 I do love a marshmallowy hot chocolate but it has to be tea for me. Nothing better than putting your feet up with a huge sugary mug of tea when you come in from the cold!

3. Do you switch up your makeup routine for the season?
 I tend to use darker browns on my eyes and go for a bolder lip, without the bright light of summer I think there's a lot more room to experiment.

4. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
 I don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK but I did spend one in LA with friends and I thought the pumpkin pie was delicious!!

 5. Hats or scarves?
 Scarves! I love a cute hat but you can wear a stylish scarf everyday. Hats can give you 'hat hair' - not a good look.

 6. Most worn sweater?
I have a pink and white striped one that I've worn so much it all stretched out of shape! I wear it in this video here.... (It was also my first ever video!)

 7. Must have Fall nail polish? 
OPI Visions of love....

 8. Football games or jumping in a pile of leaves?
Football????? Really??????? Anything wins over that :)

 9. Skinny jeans or leggings? 
Skinny jeans. Leggings aren't quite thick enough for me and I prefer tights with a nice skirt or dress if I'm going to go for anything other than jeans.

10. Boots or Uggs? 
Boots. Uggs make me feel too slouchy, I just want to laze around. I love winter/autumn boots, comy yet stylish...

11. What is your #1 favorite thing about Fall? 
Am I allowed to say my birthday? It's in October... :)

12. Do you have a song that gets you in the Fall mood or just a song you're loving at the moment?
There isn't any one song... and as we're nearing Christmas I'm going to pick my most Christmassy song that I always turn up on the radio.... Have yourself a merry little Christmas - the Judy Garland version if you're wondering.

 13. What is the Fall weather like where you currently live?
Well it's been VERY cold, but it's only going to get colder over Christmas. Yesterday we had super fast winds in the UK which meant lots of falling leaves and even some flooding. But today it has all calmed down and we even had a little sunshine. It made all the leaves from yesterday look very pretty.

And that's it! I tag you! and let me know if you have anymore requests....

See you soon...

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas tag!

I decided today to do a Christmas tag. Hoping you enjoy it and I tag you to get in the spirit! 1. Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic? I'be had both in the past and I have to say, I don't actually feel strongly either way on this one. The decorations are the important bit! The pros and cons kind of balance out. This year I will have a real tree as I don't have a great deal of storage space where I'm living. 2. You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick? Absolutely a mint hot chocolate. Not a huge fan of coffee and they are delicious. 3. Whats your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree? I love pale pinks and silver. A HUGE amount of bows and glitter. Colour wise I like soft and understated but glitz wise I go all out! 4. Giving or receiving? Absolutely giving. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to turn down a pressie but nothing beats the feeling of finding the perfect gift for someone and seeing how excited thy are to get it. Only thing is it takes me forever to choose what to get, so I trail round the shops for hours on end and I'm not such a big fan of that part. 5. To mince pie or not to? Well I've been having a mince pie after dinner every night since they hit the shops in November, so I think that answers that question! How can you not? And one things for certain, no matter how old I am, father Christmas is having one on Christmas eve. 6. What's your traditional traditional Sunday lunch? Everything! As much as I can pile on my plate. Any trimming you can think of we have it. 7. Christmas day fashion: I am highly stylish of course on Christmas day... I wear my pyjamas! I always work everyday before and after so its my day to just chill out, eat loads and look a mess. 8. What's your favourite Christmas song? Doesn't every girl love a bit of Mariah??? 9. What's your favourite Christmas film? Elf!! If you haven't seen it yet you need to go watch it now. It actually is strong competition for general favourite film. So what are you waiting for.... Go watch it! 10. Open presents before or after lunch? You are a very brave person if you think you can stop me from opening my presents the second I sale up! So there's my take on the Christmas tag. I would love to see yours. Until tomorrow Bye! Xxx

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Save ££'s On Black Friday UK: What is it and how do you save money on your Christmas Shopping!?

The USA have been benefiting from and loving this 'tradition' for years and the UK have slowly but surely jumped on the bandwagon!

On the 29th November... it's Black Friday!!!!!!!!!!

What the heck does that mean?? I hear you ask. I shall tell you my lovelies...

In the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving is seen as the first day of Christmas shopping,  retailers drop all their prices and give DRAMATIC discounts. The deals supposedly last for one day only (actually a lot start the Monday before, 25th Nov) and so the shops open earlier and earlier to cram in the customers!

If you're a fan of any American sitcoms like 'The Middle' or 'South Park' you've probably seen the stampedes of deal hungry shoppers, battling their way through the crowds to grab the perfect Christmas present at the perfect price. It looks like a nightmare, discounts or not! But here in the UK, we are at a crucial point in time. Some British retailers are shunning Black Friday and simply ignoring the 29th, a lot of the British public have never even heard of it!! This means that most of our Black Friday offers are actually online! No queuing out in the freezing cold, no elbows to the face, just sweet sweet savings! :)

So, which online retailers are taking part?

Amazon have done since 2010

Asda are slashing prices across a large spectrum of products

John Lewis reported record sales this time last year, due to discounts

Debenhams (code MB62 today only) offering 25% off all designers

But the fun doesn't stop there, Cyber Monday (2nd December) also offers money off online purchases although perhaps the cuts aren't as big as Friday.

And if you're wondering why they call it 'Black Friday', simply put, with the huge profits it brings in, it moves any retailers in the 'red' (loss) swiftly back into the 'black' (profits).

Hope that answers your questions and you get lots of bargain goodies! Let me know on Twitter @FrostedPlanet what you get and any more questions just comment below.

Until next time....

Monday, 28 October 2013

An Old Hollywood Inspired, Autumn Makeup Look!

So... I've been meaning to do a makeup tutorial on youtube for quite some time now but as it's my first one ever I wanted to make sure it was a really great look.

I wanted and Autumn feel to suit the season but at the same time my favourite EVER look is always old Hollywood. So then I thought, why not both?!! And the product was this:

I'd love to hear your feedback on my first tutorial along with any requests for the future.

Until next time...

Friday, 4 October 2013

My ♥ September Favourites ♥ ... Hair and Beauty and a Mini Fall Haul

Hi Guys,

So my latest youtube video is up. I thought I'd share with you my favourite products from the month of September :). This year has flown by and so has the month! This is my second favourites video and although these are all GREAT products, I know I have forgotten some along the way. So next month I'm going to make sure I keep a little list in my diary of all the new things I've enjoyed using and would recommend. Be sure to let me know what your September favourites are too! Or if you use and love any of these products.

So here it is!

Also, I forgot to make a reminder blog post about my last video before this, a mini Autmn haul. There are actually no beauty products in this haul, it's just some girly essentials I thought you would enjoy to get cosy with on those cold  fall/winter evenings

So here's that one too.... enjoy!!

Lots of love :)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

♥ Creating the Purrfect Cat Eye : Makeup tutorial ♥


So.. one of the things I get asked to do most often is the cat eye look. Most girls find bold, winged eyeliner super scary and difficult to get even on both sides. So here is a video to show you a technique that works every time and takes all of the guess work out of eyeliner.

I like to use liquid eyeliner for a bold, smooth line but you can use any eyelining product with this technique, depending on the look you want to achieve.

So without further ado, here it is!

Please let me know how your make up turns out using this handy tip by sending me pictures on Twitter! @FrostedPlanet.

Leave any requests for more tutorials below.

Lots of love

Saturday, 14 September 2013

If you haven't heard of the Beauty Blender, where have you been???

... just joking. Big in the world of beauty, not so much in the everyday lives of the British public... until now. Here's a quick little explanation/ show and tell while also giving those of you already in the know, tips on how to keep your beauty blender clean without having to repurchase their cleanser!

Check it out!


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

♥ August Favourites ♥

Right guys and girls!

I have finally swallowed my pride and summoned up the courage to make a Youtube channel and my first EVER Youtube video!!

Please note that I have absolutely no skills when it comes to technology so the editing leaves a lot to be desired (I had to give up on any kind of musical intro) but what it lacks in razzmatazz I believe it makes up for in heart (cheesy!).

I decided to make an 'August Favourites' video, showing you a few items and products I have enjoyed using throughout August that I would recommend.

So you can either watch it here or open it in Youtube so you see it full screen:

Either way you can have a good nose and hopefully by the next one I can improve my editing skills.

Speak soon!!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wedding Guest Style - Ideas on what to wear to weddings and other special occasions...

Why would I write a blog post on how to navigate through wedding season when it's all over?! Yes, I may be a little late on this one but having 3 weddings over the past few weeks (and a funeral) I wanted to write a little guide for next year while it's fresh in my mind. Also, if you're anything like my mum you may like to plan your outfit WELL in advance, or if you're anything like me you leave it absolutely last minute and will be looking at this blog in around 10 months time!

This blog will give you a few ideas on style and beauty that could also be applied to other events like milestone birthdays or charity galas. There are no rights or wrongs, this is just a little insight into how I prepare for these occasions.

So, in the last 2-3 weeks I was invited to be a guest at 3 weddings, each one completely different - a registry office, a local wedding in a castle and one in a chateau in France - requiring 3 different looks.


First on the list was the wedding in a registry office. A very small, informal affair but it is still summer so I decided to go for simple and pretty. NB The thing you have to remember with weddings is that they are historical moments. Photographs will be kept and brought out to be shown to people for years to come, so outfits and hairstyles are a huge decision and have to stand the test of time. If you are thinking of going bold and want to stand out, go with a vintage, bold look. Save the neon brights and crazy hair dos for a night out on the town. For a wedding you have to think 'classy'. A summery, informal, small ceremony at a registry office clearly says to me spring/summer floral dress, like these:


Splash the Cash
Both of these dresses are classic styles with high neck and a flowery theme.Fine to wear with heels or flat sandals, you will more than likely need a comfortable shoe as you may be walking to a nearby bar or restaurant to celebrate afterwards. Something like these...
In black, white and coral :

In white, cream, black, pink and orange:,60/1292661289

Both of these options are comfortable, pretty, open toed shoes that are also quite affordable. They are available in a variety of colours and so you could easily find a variation of these to go with any cute summer dress. I definitely would ditch the idea of a hat and just keep your hair pretty and simple. If you absolutely need a hair accessory I would go for a pretty alice band or clip.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to this wedding in the end as I was looking after my grandmother who was extremely ill at the time so I don't have a photograph of me in the outfit I eventually chose. I heard it was a beautiful day though and had a look at everyone else's outfits in the photographs....

French Wedding and Local Traditional Wedding

The next two weddings were less than a week apart and sadly my grandmother died so I was helping organise the funeral and didn't have time to find a new outfit for both (serves me right for leaving it until the last minute!). As these were 2 completely different weddings I needed a different look for each one. I found the easiest way to do this without changing the whole outfit was to get 2 different hats.
But first let's start with the dress. Initially I wanted something brightly coloured, a light pink or coral, again a summery feel but with a little more glamour. But when I saw this dress I loved it:

Although it is quite a dark colour for summer, navy is the colour of the moment and the nude panels with a hint of bling (not sure you can see it in the photo) really brighten it up. I paired it with some classic nude stillettos to match the panels:

I promise they are actually a lot nicer than the picture, more 'sleek'. I thought they were very 'Princess Kate' looking and I loved that they were patent as the French wedding ceremony took place outside so I could simply wipe them off if I sank into the grass! Suede wouldn't have survived!
I wore the dress and shoes to both weddings so let's move on to my favourite.... the hats. (Both from

French Wedding

The wedding in France was at the Chateau St Julien. It was a grand occasion yet understated at the same time with almost an old Hollywood feel to it, so I decided to go with this nude, medium sized hatinator.

I absolutely loved this hat, got lots of compliments on it and it felt rather French! I felt it made a statement without going overboard. I actually got to do the the bride's make up at this wedding which I'll include in a general bridal make up blog at some point soon!!

Traditional Wedding

The wedding closer to home, I felt, was an all out style, anything goes type wedding, while still remembering to stick with a look that would stand the test of time. If I had more time to shop I probably would have gone with a lighter coloured dress for this one and maybe more fitted but my navy dress still worked well. The wedding was Leasowe Castle and followed the full traditional outline with lots of bridesmaids and groomsmen so I decided to go BIG on the hat. I found this beautiful, navy blue hatinator (there's that word again)

It's made of mostly crimped style netting and feathers and although it was pretty big I got lots of compliments on it and as you can see it completely changes the whole look. As I guessed there were lot of hats at this wedding but I would have stuck out like a sore thumb wearing this one in France.

So there you have it!! 3 Weddings, 3 looks. If you would like more tips on what to wear to special occasions or winter/autumn weddings, let me know in the comment box below :)

PS I haven't forgotten about my dairy free promise I made in my acne blog post , I have just postponed the start of it due to the circumstances of last month and will be starting it up soon! In the meantime feel free to check out the post and send me your ideas.

Until next time...

Thursday, 1 August 2013

ACNE: What worked for me... Products & Habits...

First of all, I know your pain. I've been you, searching the internet day and night, pleading with the doctor to help, feeling an idiot for being so embarrassed and down over something as shallow as your skin being spotty....

Yes, there are people in the world with much bigger problems, much worse off than you are and yes we are very lucky to have access to medicines that help but unless you have suffered from acne you cannot understand the effect it has on every area of your life. Relationships, work/school, your self esteem takes a beating.

I can tell you this because I was the confident girl, the teenager without a blemish, who thought "It's only a few spots, they'll clear up!" when I looked at my peers with teenage, acne prone skin. I didn't understand why people would become so painfully shy and I had a general 'get over yourself attitude'.

But all of that came back to haunt me the minute I turned 18. It started as just a few blemishes, not even zits but just a tender spot on my face that was slightly pink. Over the course of the next few months I developed painful red and purple lumps all over the right side of my face, much worse than I had seen on any of my friends. I was so embarrassed, I didn't want to leave the house. I'd always been quite a 'get on with it' type of person so I hid my unhappiness from friends and family, but as soon as I was alone I'd just stare in the mirror and cry. (That's the sad bit out of the way!)

A trip to the GP told me I had 'moderate' acne and she gave me a topical anti-biotic for a few months, this did not work. Maybe it will for you but I was later told by another Doctor that had I been offered a hormonal treatment (e.g.contraceptive pill Dianette) at that stage I would not be left with the facial scarring I have now! And so the moral of that story is push to see a dermatologist as early as possible! I cannot stress enough the importance of getting medical help early on, waiting to see if you can get rid of it yourself could leave you with permanent damage to your skin.

Long story short, it took me a year's worth of time wasting face washes and waiting to get to see my dermatologist. He suggested that my acne looked like it may be hormonal and prescribed me, as you may have guessed, Dianette (disclaimer).

The change certainly wasn't immediate but with my skin as bad as it was, I noticed each tiny, slow improvement. I don't have a 'before' picture, as I hid from every camera when it was bad, so I chose an image from Google that looked similar to mine. In 6months I went from:

slightly lower on the jaw and redder than this..

To this (6 months after Dianette)

Not completely clear skin but absolutely a life changing improvement, make up could cover this! I was absolutely over the moon but of course.... we're never satisfied are we?

Along with my clearer skin came dryness and dehydration. I started drinking a lot more water which definitely helped plump out the look of my scarring (which you can mainly see when I'm dehydrated) but 'oil free' products were making my skin feel tight and uncomfortable and moisturising products were making me break out.

While watching an ad one night I heard of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. A creamy rich cleanser that can be used on ANY SKIN. Any skin?? Really?? So a product that moisturises dry skin can also reduce the oil in mine? Whatever! I did like the look of it though and the ingredients it used. The idea of exfoliating gently while cleansing was appealing and the whole ad was very persuasive, but I decided I didn't have the money to waste on another false promise. What a mistake that was! 

A few months later, (lucky for me), my mum's friend bought her a full Liz Earle set for her birthday. Of course, I immediately stole some of the cleanse and polish :) . The result was immediate and (to me) miraculous!! My skin felt so soft and it was actually glowing! I'd forgotten what it was like to have good feeling skin. It felt squeaky clean yet soft and moisturised. A few weeks later and my skin looked great too! Those last few niggling spots cleared up and I was getting compliments all the time.
After Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

I may do a full review and explanation of the Cleanse and Polish as I just love it and want to spread the word but there isn't time here.

Of course, these treatments are great and I am so thankful to have found them, a great way to manage the problem... but they don't solve the problem. Every now and then, like anyone else, I get lazy. I don't drink as much water as I should, I stop taking Dianette for a while (I was told I should take a break from it every so often as it can cause problems) or I run out of my cleanse and polish. It's only a day or two until the breakout creeps back on to my face!

So... I have decided to try to get to the root cause of acne and I'm enlisting you! They say everyone's skin reacts differently, which is absolutely true... with topical treatments, but I believe that the root cause has to be something similar for all of us? Do we just manage it? Wait it out? It could be so many things, maybe diet? Many Doctors have said that diet is not linked to acne but online you can find lots of video diary etc where people have something out and had success. So is it a symptom of allergies? I don't know but I would like to get closer to finding out...

Starting on the 11th August 2013, I am going to follow a theory every two weeks, starting with dairy. If after 2 weeks I feel it is helping, I will extend it to 30 days and then review. If I feel it has no effect I'll try the next thing... You can help by sending me your stories, photos and suggestions/theories that you think may help in permanently getting rid of acne.

In summary

  • See your dermatologist as soon as possible after you first notice the signs of acne, you could prevent scarring.
  • The things that worked for me were Dianette (disclaimer) and Liz Earle cleanse and polish.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Make a conscious effort to stay calm and try and keep stress levels down
  • Distract yourself with fun activites, laugh whenever you can.
  • Try not to focus on your acne. The more you think about it the more stressed you'll become and just exacerbate the problem.

I hope you find some of this helpful and if you want to join on #TarasClearSkinQuest please tweet me @frostedplanet , comment below or post on my facebook page (frosted planet beauty) your Day 1 photo's and ideas for things we can all try whether that be great vitamins, foods or whatever you've heard of.

See you all soon,

The boring bit:
I am NOT a medical professional. All opinions in this post are my own. If you are under 18 please seek permission from your parent/guardian before following any of my advice. Please see my DISCLAIMER . Dianette has side effects and possible negative reactions laid out in the manufacturers instructions they should only be prescribed by a MEDICAL DOCTOR.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Plastic surgery with makeup! Contouring for your perfect face shape.....

                 OVAL                             DIAMOND                    OBLONG                       SQUARE                              HEART
                    ROUND                                    PEAR/TRIANGLE
Almost every good make up and beauty guru these days, has covered the topic of contouring! The thing is... they all follow roughly the same routine. They all shape your face the same way regardless of the shape you already have. What I would like to show you is a more personal approach  with specific shaping techniques customised to suit your face shape!

If you haven't heard of this great make up method before, contouring uses highlights and shadowing to change the appearance of your face and facial feautres. This is includes sagging necks, uneven jawline, eyes, lips and noses! But today I want to concentrate on face shapes.. if you would like more blogs on other features then let me know in the comments below!

The main products used in this technique are highlighter, shader and blusher.....


I prefer to use a matt highlighter for the initial shaping, adding in shimmer later where needed.

I like to use a concealer that is at least 2 shades lighter than my foundation, this works really well for a natural look.

Highlighter is used to draw attention to the parts of your face that you want to emphasise or bring width and fullness to. e.g. cheekbones

 Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20 (pictured)

Again, unless you're creating a high fashion or photographic look I would steer clear of the shimmer products. My favourite product to contour with is a nice matt bronzer that you can build and blend easily but you can also use foundation a few shades darfer than your own, or a matt brown eye shadow.
Shader is used to disguise any features you wish to minimize. e.g. double chin
THis will enhance cheekbones and help to blend contouring for a more natural look. You want to choose a colour to help give warmth to your face.
There are 7 basic face shapes - oval, diamond, oblong, square, heart, round and pear/triangle. Oval is seen as the ideal and so I will show you with each face shape how to achieve it!
But first you need to find your face shape. Compare your face with the pictures above to see which category you best fit. If you are finding it hard, use some thin paper to trace the outline of your face on the mirror (make sure you hair is tied back), then compare it with the outlines above. Then just follow the guideline for your face below.....

Megan Fox: Oval

Congrats!! You're the envy of women everywhere with the most highly desired face shape. All you need to do now is accentuate your beautiful bone structure :) ! Apply blusher to the cheekbones and blend towards the temples. Add a little highlighter above and shader in the hollows of your cheeks as shown.


Rihanna's a diamond (excuse the pun)

You have a slightly slimmer forehead and pointed chin with wider cheekbones and temple area. To round the face off into a more oval shape, shade the points of the chin and forehead, and highlight the 4 corners of the face to draw them out (high temples and jawline). Finish by adding blusher to the apples of the cheeks as shown.


Sarah Jessica Parker: Oblong/Rectangle

With a long, narrow face shape, you want to try and create width, reducing the length of the face. Use shader on the chin and top of your forehead. Highlight the temples and sides of your lower jaw. Blend you blusher out along the cheekbones towards your ears as shown.


Kate Moss: Square
With an angular bone structure the face appears to be of similar width from the forehead to the jaw line. The aim is to soften the angles and reduce width at the top and bottom of the face. So we're not going to use highlighter for this one, just shader to the 4 corners of the face and blusher under the cheekbones, blending out towards the temples as shown.


Naomi Campbell: Heart
You have a wider forehead and a slim jaw and chin, usually forming a slight point. Add shader to the 2 corners of your forehead to slim it down and highlight the sides of the jaw, adding width. Apple blusher to the apples of the cheeks as shown.


             Mila Kunis: Round
You have fuller cheeks and rounded corners of the forehead. Your face may also be slightly shorter in length giving you a round shape. First apply shader to the 4 corner of your face, then apply a thin strip of highlighter down the centre (forehead, nose, tip of chin). Apply your blusher high on your cheekbones and blend out as shown.


Minnie Driver: Pear
Last but not least, pear face shapes tend to have a narrow forehead and a wide lower jaw, aka a triangle. Add width to the forehead by highlighting the sides. Shade the sides of the lower jaw to slim it down and apply blusher along the centre of your cheekbones to the temples as shown.

And there you have it!! 7 ways to contour for 7 diferent face shapes... you'll be amazed at the difference it makes and my clients have often told me their friends ask if they've 'had something done?'

If you have any questions or would like to see more contouring of noses, eyes, jawline etc. let me know in the comments section.

I'm also going to pick a few of my most popular blogs and turn them into Youtube videos and tutorials. If you would like to nominate this blog, please do so in the comments.

See you soon!!!