Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Blogging vs YouTube

Hello lovely blog readers,

A few months back I decided to start up a YouTube channel : www.YouTube.com/tarafrostedplanet I was very nervous to post my first video and had no clue what I was doing... Surely blogging is so much easier than this?! Well actually,no.

I found that once I'd had a little mooch around and got into the swing of things YouTube was an incredibly simple site to use with lots of resources and help at hand. Not only that but the impact of my video (after a little Twitter) promotion was immediate! Unlike blogging, YouTube displays a lot of your personality within the the first 5 seconds, which of course has pros and cons... But I feel it means the people who stay longer than that tend to stick around as they already like you and want to see what you have to say. Not only that but paricularly for me, being able to physically show viewers products as I talk about them was a great improvement to standing round for hours trying to get a good photo.

Don't get me wrong, youtube is not for everyone...if you're camera shy, impatient with video editing or find writing more therapeutic, blogging is the one for you but personally, YouTube has my attention for the forseeable future,and as its not a personal blogsite,it brings a nice steady flow of traffic.

Come over to my channel and say hi.

Bye lovelies...

Frosted Planet
Twitter: @frostedplanet